National Eating Disorder Awareness Week highlights just how many people live with these disorders

Eating disorders can come in many different forms, and understanding the complexities involved is likely why events such as National Eating Disorder Week exists from Feb. 22-26. While eating disorders don’t all look alike, there are generally three different types: Anorexia […]

These 2 things can make a huge impact on health during ovarian cancer treatment, recovery September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

When presented with a diagnosis, or while going through treatment of ovarian cancer, it can be an emotional and physical roller coaster. Despite the treatment someone decides to move forward with, health officials at the Henry Ford Health System say […]

As flu season approaches amid COVID-19 pandemic, here are some things to know Though health care workers have learned much about COVID-19, there is still a lot that is unknown

It’s likely crossed the minds of Americans across the country: What could the fall look like when flu season hits and we’re still dealing with COVID-19? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is addressing some important questions you have concerning […]

When breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned: Did you realize all the resources available? Talk to most mothers, and you’ll likely find you’re not alone if you’ve struggled to nurse

If you’re a new mother or an expecting mom-to-be, you likely don’t need another news article telling you about all the benefits of breastfeeding and breastmilk. The hype is real, and it’s there for good reason: Breastmilk really is “liquid […]