This is how you can help someone suffering from epilepsy

Time to learn (or relearn) some of the signs and symptoms of someone who suffers from epilepsy, and how you can help if that person is having an uncontrolled seizure.

The No. 1 thing you can do if you are around someone who ends up having a seizure is keep them safe.

The Epilepsy Foundation teaches the #StaySafeSide method. You want to stay with the person while they’re having the seizure, keep them safe while it is happening, and if you can, turn the person on their side if they are not aware or awake until the seizure has finished.

The site also recommends ways you can keep the person comfortable, like removing any clothing that might be tight around their neck.

It’s also important to know not to restrain the person or put anything in their mouth, as they could choke.

If you try to stay calm while the person is experiencing a seizure, hopefully, he or she will come out of it as safely as possible.