New Year’s Resolutions for 2019: Quit Smoking

Over the next few days, millions of Americans will make resolutions to better themselves in the new year. If you’re a smoker looking to kick the habit in the new year, the numbers can be daunting.

It’s said that the average smoker quits 8 to 10 times before succeeding and — as if that’s not enough — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the majority of quitters relapse within the first three months of quitting.

So, yeah, the deck is stacked, but don’t light up just yet.

You’re likely to fall off the wagon a few times along the way, so if you sneak a smoke after two weeks of abstaining, don’t beat yourself up for your failure. Instead, celebrate those two weeks of progress and see if you can beat your new record. It helps to line up support from friends, family or other quitters in advance as well.

Need some additional motivation?  Quitting smoking promotes a healthier lifestyle so it can even help you keep your other resolutions. Eating better, exercising more, and saving money are all areas that may fall into place on your smokefree journey.

As with any resolution you may make this year, just remember that if you fail, you’re in good company as you get back on track.