World Hepatitis Day

Affecting over 325 million people worldwide and causing one million deaths per year, viral hepatitis is a group of infectious diseases known as hepatitis A, B, C, D and E that cause both acute and chronic liver disease. Nine out of 10 people are unaware they even have the disease.

Without a massive increase in screening, diagnosis and care, more and more people will continue to become infected and even more lives will be lost. Therefore, a campaign called “Find the Missing Millions” was started for World Hepatitis Day to raise global awareness, increase the accessibility to affordable testing and help eliminate stigmas and discrimination towards the disease.

You can join in on the quest to find the missing millions by taking part in World Hepatitis Day 2018 activities, joining awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns, sharing your stories or experiences of diagnosis, or educating friends, family and colleagues on the importance of increasing screenings.