6 Facts about Multiple Sclerosis

6 Facts about Multiple Sclerosis

1.       Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease. Myelin is a substance wrapped around the body’s nerves to protect them. Multiple sclerosis is a condition where a person’s body attacks itself, breaking down myelin and leaving the nerves unprotected and unable to function as they would normally.

2.        Because there is not yet a cure for multiple sclerosis, it is classified as a chronic condition. Though there are many symptoms associated with MS, it is not often a fatal disease and can be managed with medications and lifestyle adjustments.

3.       Symptoms of MS can range from numbness and tingling, lack of concentration, impaired critical thinking and cognitive skills, to balance and mobility issues. These can in turn lead to frustration, depression, and anger. Every person experiences the symptoms of MS differently and it can often be unpredictable.

4.       Heat can cause MS symptoms to flare-up or spike and this can come from hot weather, exercise, illness, or even a hot shower. Those with MS are advised to stay cool in order to prevent reactions. Suggestions for keeping cool include wearing removable layers, keeping a fan in your space, and having cool beverages on hand.

5.       While being treated for MS one can go into remission. Remission can last for weeks, or even as long as years in some cases, but it does not mean MS will be fully cured and symptoms will never return.

6.       Vitamin D has been found to fight against MS. While vitamin D from the sun may cause symptoms to act up due to heat, there are some other forms of vitamin D that include: fortified milk, orange juice, cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon, tuna, and eggs.