How to manage your diabetes over the Holidays


The holiday season is fast approaching and with it, comes all the delicious foods and treats that we look forward to all year.  However, enjoying yourself and the food can be challenging if you have diabetes.  Travel and disrupted daily routines can also make medication schedules hard to stick to.  Take a look at these tips on how to celebrate the holidays and still manage your diabetes.

You have a plan, stick to it – As much as you can, try to treat the holidays like every other day.  You have a plan and a schedule for the rest of the year so try to stick to it.  Understanding that you can’t always control the food you are served or the temptation of treats, offer to bring a healthy dish to offset the not so healthy options. If you do eat something sweet, try to cut back on other carbs like potatoes and bread.  Don’t skip meals in preparation for a big one, it’ll be harder to keep your blood sugar under control and you will be tempted to overeat later.  Just remember, it’s okay if you slip up, the important part is to get back on track.

You are in control — It’s easy, when faced with a delicious spread of holiday food, to overindulge.  Attack that buffet table with a plan.  Start with vegetables, they can help take the edge off your hunger.  Use a small plate, the smaller the plate, the less room to fill it with food.  Enjoy the food you are eating, take a moment to really savor the food rather than inhaling it and going back for seconds.  Try to avoid or limit your alcohol intake.  Alcohol can lower blood sugar so try to make sure you drink it with food.  Also, because you are outside of your routine, make sure to check your blood sugar more often to keep on top of it.

Keep moving – With all the rushing that goes on during the holidays, it’s easy to let your exercise routines fall to the wayside.  But try to make sure you don’t let that happen.  Make a family walk part of the daily festivities.  Eat a big meal?  Go for a walk!  Not only will it make up for eating more than you normally do, it also will give you a good way to reduce stress during what can be a very stressful time.

Go to sleep – Along with the rushing and the packed schedule of the holiday seasons comes less time for sleep.  Parties and events will keep you up later than usual and when you are tired, you tend to turn to lots of high-fat and high-sugar foods. .  Taking time to get enough rest will help curb bad food habits and will  reduce stress.

Most importantly, remember to have fun this holiday season!  The season is about celebrating and spending time with your loved ones.  If you are focusing on the fun you are having you won’t be focusing on the food you could be eating.