Safety tips for Halloween trick-or-treaters


It’s that time of year again for costumes and candy! While Halloween provides plenty of fun and make-believe, it also can bring up some real safety risks. Take a look at how you can protect  your trick-or-treater  this Halloween.

Pumpkin safety — Before you start carving this year’s masterpiece, there are a couple things you should take into consideration:

Adults only: While carving is fun for everyone, keep the knives out of the hands of kids. Children can help scoop out the pumpkin and  draw the face or design on the outside, but leave the actual cutting to the adults. This will help reduce the possibility of cuts. Remember, you don’t have to carve the pumpkin, they can be decorated many other ways such as with markers, paint or even glitter glue.

Be careful with candles: Once your work of art is cleaned and carved, it’s always nice to light it up with a cheery candle. But they can be dangerous. Make sure the pumpkin is always on a flat, sturdy surface so there is no chance it can tip over. Never leave them unattended and always have an adult light the candles. For non-fire options, you can always use battery-operated flameless candles or  glow sticks.

Costume care
— the best part about Halloween is the costumes. Follow these simple tips to keep your kids safe and festive:

Be prepared for weather: having a well-fitting costume indoors can make you the hit of the party but can be impractical for trick-or-treating outdoors. Make sure the costume is loose enough to fit warmer layers underneath to keep your ghost or princess warm through the night.

Pass on the masks: While hiding behind a mask is always fun, it can be a bit dangerous. Masks obstruct vision, can slip and block vision all together and sometimes can be hard to breathe in. Instead, recreate the mask using non-toxic makeup.

Trick-or-treating! — Once your house is decorated and your costume is complete, it’s time to start the trek through the neighborhood to collect candy. With a couple safety ground rules, it can be an enjoyable time for everyone!

Go along: Go trick-or-treating along with your kids, especially if they are younger. If you are in a group, the parents can have just as much fun walking around as their kids do! Make sure your child knows your phone number in case you get separated and be sure to bring along a flashlight just in case.

Set the rules: For older children going out without a parent, set clear rules for the evening. Plan out the route and make sure there is a set time that your child will be home. Have them check in from time to time over the course of the evening.

Review the loot first: It may be difficult, but do make sure to take a look at your child’s candy stash before they start indulging. Anything that is not tightly sealed or looks bad, throw away immediately. Do not let them eat homemade treats unless you know the home they came from. To prevent snacking while you are out trick-or-treating, make sure your child eats a full meal before heading out.